Pad Printing
Pad printing can be done on almost all substrates, such as plastic or other harder surfaces to be printed. This is a precise and fast printing process for multicolored logos. The paint is applied to the surface with a silicone stamp and can therefore be applied to curved surfaces.


Screen Printing
In screen printing, a template is created in advance, which later presses the ink through open meshes on the surfaces to be printed. In order to achieve the optimal colouring of the printing it often makes sense to work with coloured logos with an additional white underlay. The printing is on many surfaces, such as plastic, metal, textiles or synthetic leather (PU) applicable. Even on smooth surfaces, a good result can be achieved.


Laser Engraving
With laser engraving, it is possible to burn / engrave logos or text on the surface of an article using a laser beam. Often, this technique is applied to metallic surfaces, but also an engraving on plastic or wood is possible depending on the item. A coloured laser engraving is unfortunately not possible. Engravings are in contrast to a print of higher quality and more durable.


During doming, a pre-made sticker is covered with a transparent epoxy (resin). This protects the image and gives the colours a high-quality impression and also a 3D effect.
A doming can be ideally applied to a key chain, metal plate and so on.


Transfer Printing
In transfer printing, surfaces can be finished with special heat presses. Logos or texts are previously printed on a special thermal paper and then pressed on the object at high temperature.


Digital Printing
In the digital printing process, logos and text can be imaged directly and quickly on an item using individual printing jets. This process is similar to an inkjet printer. This technique is perfect for flat surfaces, fast productions or short runs.


In this process, the logo is pressed on the item by means of a stamp. By a special foil which adopts the color of the carrier material, also coloured and metal optical imprints can be realized. Embossing is often used on leather and imitation leather items.