InterPro Brands will only import goods that comply with current EU directives and standards.
Due to the regulations of the Product Safety Act of 01.12.2011, it is legally required to provide each product with a manufacturer’s certificate, if the manufacturer is not based in the European Economic Area, of the “distributor”.

This can be done in the form of small labels on inconspicuous place of the product or on its individual packaging. It is important that the name and the postal address are given. This form of presentation is prescribed by law.

The importer, InterPro Brands or the client can be named directly as “distributor”. The costs incurred for the implementation of the ProdSG specifically for the client will be invoiced if this does not happen at the same time as his advertising.

If the customer does not wish to be named as a “distributor”, either the importer or InterPro Brands GmbH & Co. KG is named as the “distributor” according to the ProdSG.